Tips for new bloggers


This is a series of posts about blogging , choosing templates, picking the right widgets, the most frequent and wanted hacks for blogger and how to pump up traffic to one's blog using easy but effective techniques

The idea of writing this series of posts came from three convictions:

1 Blogging is primarily about “sharing”. So, I wanted to share some of the things I have learnt through the process of trial-and-error that I went through to finally give this blog its present shape.

2 The job of making a decent, good-looking blog is not an easy one. It takes time and effort. In fact, I spent almost two weeks, polishing my “modest” coding skills and refining my knowledge of blogging hacks and tricks. Although I learnt quite a good deal while doing my research, I wasted a lot of time and I wished there was one place I could go to minimize the effort and save some valuable time. So, I wish this could be a good place where bloggers can start.

3 If this blog and numerous other blogs look the way they look it is, in greater part, because some great folks did/are doing a great job creating free code, providing help and guidance to others. Providing links to their websites “en guise de gratitude” is the least I can do by .

The following posts will deal with the topics below. You are free to read them all or to skip some of the posts and only read those that are of immediate interest to you:

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