My blog is ready: what now?


Now that your blog is ready, all is left to think about is how to pump up the traffic to it and attract potential readers.

These are a few tips that can drive traffic to your blog:
  1. Become an active member of the social web and use social bookmarking sites: Make sure you have accounts with twitter, Facebook, linkedln, Digg, Myspace,, stumbleupon, yahoo, Technorati, etc.. and that you link to these accounts from your blog. A good place to connect to many such social networks with one button is on socialfollow .social You may also visit go2web20 for a great looking customizable twitter button.twitter
  2. Write great articles : writing killer articles is the best way to attract readers to your weblog. For great tips, pay a visit to bloggertalk.
  3. Use Windows Live Writer as it helps with your blog’s SEO through its pinging tool and its capability of sending notifications automatically to the social networks you subscribed to. This is where you can download it.
  4. Comment on others’ blogs: it is a good way to get readers who will read and comment back! However, avoid things like “nice post”, etc.. Write genuinely and intelligently.
  5. Check this nice article about more tips here and this is a must-read article from bloggertalk: Beginners Guide to Pumping up Blog Traffic.

Happy blogging!


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