Blogger hacks and tricks: most wanted


Hacks are workarounds to find solutions to some problems/limitations that might arise. These are some of the most wanted hacks that I came across:

  1. How to add an element after or before Blogger header or blog posts:link
  2. Adding a Search Box : link
  3. How to add a simple horizontal navigation bar: link
  4. Enabling smileys to comments: link
  5. Add Recent Posts manually: Go to Layout--->Page elements--->add gadget: Add the Feed gadget (see below): feedNext, you will see this, with an empty text box:cof_feed Write . Of course, you need to change yourblog with your own name. Click continue: You will see this now: cof_feed2 Change the title to: Latest posts or something similar. Choose the number of posts/items you want to show and whether you want to include the publishing dates of the posts and the author. Click save and voila!
  6. Add a Recent Comments manually: the process is exactly the same as the one above (hack 5) the only change is to write: instead of That is it!
  7. Adding Contents or categories section to your blog like this one:contents The first step is to start by adding labels to your posts (in this case I labeled some posts ebooks, others tutorials, etc..). See image below:labels Then, from the Page elements, you choose Add a Gadget. And click on the labels gadget (image below):labels01You will get this: All you need to do is change the title to something labels_configlike “contents”, “categories”, etc.. And here you go!
  8. When you add A contents section (hack 7), whenever you choose click on a category ( let us say “ebooks” in my example), you will see this annoying message:remove_showpostsThis is a link with instructions on how to remove it.

That is it for the most wanted hacks.

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