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Tarak BRAHMI is a teacher of English
who has been teaching since 1999.
Experience in teaching in IT-ready
schools: using electronic classrooms,
interactive boards, etc...
Presented workshops for teachers in
Bahrain about using interactive boards
and Hot Potatoes.
Holder of an International Computer
Driving License (2007)
Other blogs: The Tunisian ELT Forum
and Virtual Staffroom

Where else can you find me?

I like meeting friends, chatting, learning, sharing ideas and surfing online. I spend sometime everyday here and there. Although I love writing for my blogs, I would sometimes be satisfied with spending time asking a friend "what's up?", discovering an interesting profile, skimming through an article, reading my friends' feeds, listening to music, commenting on a photo, etc... In addition to my blogs, this is where you can meet me
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