Tools for educators and students 2

After the success with which the Blog Companion versions I, II, III were received, David Kapuler is again doing the hard work for us and his Blog Companion IV is already here.

This time, "Volume four focuses on search engines that can be used as an educational tool". For more details, visit David's blog for the links to this and the previous versions of Blog Companion.


dkapuler said...

Thanks again for spreading the word of these resources. The next one will focuse on "digital art" or sites that can be used to edit images, draw/paint, etc.

I'll try to send you a sneak peek before I release it.

It's just a matter of time now that our third boy was born a week ago today!!

tarak brahmi said...

David, it is me and my colleagues who have to thank you for the great efforts, for saving us a lot of time and for pointing us to the right directions! I believe that your Blog companion with all its version is a must-have for teachers and that is why I am honored to have them here on my blog. dfv
I am looking forward to more of your serious and useful work! Many thanks. Thanks for following! it is a real pleasure to see your icon on my blog. See you soon!

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