Raising students' awareness about cultural diversity

Q: Where can I find resources that would help raise my students' awareness about cultural diversity?

Tarak Br asked

A:Taking into consideartion cultural diversity when teaching a language is important for a number of reasons: In fact, teaching a language is not only about how words are put together to form sentences but it is mainly about teaching learners to see value in and learn to accept the cultures of other people. Besides, it can be a great tool for promoting values of tolerance and respect for others.

Here are some great tips that were shared by the members of classroom 2.0:

1-Using movies: Teachers are encouraged to schedule sessions where students can watch a selection of films to improve their grasp of the cultural values of the language they are studying.

2-Going through travel guides: They usually have tips on cross-cultural etiquette.

3-Partner schools: Thinking about having partner schools in other countries can be a great tool to encourage discussion and awareness.

4-Inviting guest speakers: You can ask guests who have lived abroad to pay visits to your classroom to talk about their experiences.

5-Videoconferencing: Google for videoconferencing tools that can be used to arrange online meetings with schools from other countries.

6-Exchange programs: Check if there are exchange programs in your area that promote exchange of visits, discussions between communities.

Thanks Monica Brown, Julie Baird, Mandy Lindgren, and Beth Coleman from classroom 2.0 for sharing these great tips!


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