I am confused about the use of thecomma. Could you help me with that?

Q:I am confused about the use of the comma. Could you help me with that?

Lamia M asked

A:Using your commas and punctuation appropriately can help you succeed in writing precise and outstanding essays in English. To relieve your confusion, here are some rules that you can follow:

The comma is used:

1-to separate the elements in a list of three or more items:Example: We bought carrots, garlic, tomatoes and onion.

2-to separate introductory elements in a sentence:Example: After a long working day, Samuel quickly fell asleep.

3-to separate parenthetical elements in a sentence:Example: Anne, the fourth lady from the right, was the funniest girl in the school.

4-to separate direct speech or quoted elements from the rest of the sentence:Example: "This car," he explained, "is the most expensive one."

5-to separate elements in a sentence that express contrast:Example: I just wanted us to laugh, not to make a fool of you.

6-to separate dates and years, towns and counties etc:Example: He is from Sfax, Tunisia.

7-to separate several adjectives:Example: This charming, pretty, intelligent girl is Fed's daughter.

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