November 2010, Week 2: best links

This is a section in which I will share the best links that colleagues and friends sent to my email box.
The first link takes you to a webinar by Shelly Terrell about Cooperative Learning. Along with the VoiceThread video, I find the list of resources and references extremely useful. Check the webinar here:Cooperative Learning . Also make sure to visit Shelly's great website here.
Here's another great webinar on CLIL by Keith Kelly. It is entitled "Integrating content and language - shich language?" and it is hosted by MacMillan English.Check Keith Kelly's webinar.
Subscribing to David Kapuler's Posts from Technology Tidbits‏ is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. David regularly posts very useful lists about Web2.0 tools. He has recently sent a list of top ten sites for creating quizzes. Here is a link to the post here. To subscribe to David's mailing list, check the "join our mailing list" on his blog's sidebar.


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