Free printables: Proverbs in action

AUG01 Summary: In this activity, the learners will have the opportunity to think about the significance of proverbs, and how they are formed. They will be asked to complete the proverb with the missing words with reference to the pictures. The aim of activity is to provide a visual reference that learners can later use to remember the proverb. Besides, it is a good activity for visual learners, especially kids. For intermediate level learners, this can be used as a starting point to think about how proverbs work and to relate proverbs to their own lives through writing or speaking.

Skills: Speaking/Reading

Objectives: To learn about proverbs and their cultural significance

Time: 10-15 minutes

Level: beginner to intermediate

Procedure: Learners sit in groups. They are asked to complete the missing words to get the proverbs. Then, they think about similar proverbs in their own language. The learners may be encouraged to ask their partners to guess the proverbs. If they do, they get on point for that. If they don’t, the next partner tries to do it, and so on. The pictures can also be used later to help the learners remember the proverbs. For intermediate level learners, the teacher can ask them to write about a particular proverb that is particularly meaningful for them and how it relates to their real lives.

This is a second handout that can be used along with the first one.


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